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Compact S-band and X-band antennas for CubeSats


Date : 08.06.20

Published in : CEAS Space Journal

Authors : Benedikt Byrne, Nicolas Capet, Maxime Romier

This paper presents compact S-band and X-band antenna products dedicated to CubeSat applications and their radio frequency performances. The S-band antenna covers simultaneously the 2.025–2.110 GHz telecommand and the 2.2–2.29 GHz telemetry band. It has a hemispherical radiation pattern with superior gain and lower axial ratio values at low elevation angles compared to other S-band antennas on the market. On the other side, the X-band antenna is optimized for payload TM at the frequencies 8.025–8.4 GHz. The antenna gain is higher than 10 dBi over ± 10° in all planes and the axial ratio is excellent. Both antennas are smaller than a 1 U surface and have unequalled RF performances. All processes and materials have strong space heritage and benefit from the Cnesadvanced label. These antennas are thus perfectly suited for professional CubeSat missions with high level of performance and reliability.

Read the full article : https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12567-020-00322-8